Alexander Klen

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About Me

  • Staff Software Engineer - Full-Stack Coding, Software Architecture, Tech Lead, Project Management
  • Experience designing, building, and deploying distributed web applications in multiple industries


Stealth Company - Staff Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer - Remote - 2020-present

  • Tech Lead for team of 8 engineers. Sprint master, project manager, software architect
  • Designed and built new platform and applications for experimental business vertical. Concept to market in 6 months. Launched in major global markets. Rapidly growing; continuing to build large product features
  • Delivered multiple integrations with business partners and customers; collaborated on regular calls.
  • Continual collaboration with eng manager, product manager, designer, general manager, account and strategy, facility, support & operations
  • Presented multiple projects to CEO and engineering organization
  • Leveraged modern microservice architecture, GRPC, message queues, Cockroach DB, GraphQL, Trino
  • Earned promotion to staff level. Professional development mentor

Google LLC. - Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer - Seattle and Remote - 2015-2020

  • Payments Tech Lead for Google Domains (Registrar)
  • Led team in major payments system upgrade, country and currency launches, fraud prevention improvements, payment stats and auditing pipeline
  • Implemented automatic TLS cert provisioning, integrations with Google Business and Google Sites
  • Completed projects for new ICANN transfer policy, registry integration, registrar-side .APP & .DEV TLD launches
  • Earned two promotions. Presentations on payments, authentication, security. Mentoring and interviewing

Various - Software Engineering Intern - 2011-2014, 2 years cumulative

  • Google: Adwords MapReduce data migration pipelines, real-time logs processing regression test improvements
  • Facebook: Crowdsourcing in Graph Search, contextual Wikipedia snippets, photo map search visualization
  • LinkedIn: iOS UI redesign, employee dogfooding versioning system, node.js APIs and HTML5 iPad application
  • Salesforce: Rypple/Success Cloud performance review app - full-stack development on OKR and email features

Personal Projects

  • Mobile Game - Android platformer game
  • Wedding Website - Wedding website one-page app in Haskell
  • 3D Rendering Engine - 3D rendering engine demo in C++ with OpenGL
  • Multi-User Dungeon - Online real-time multiplayer adventure game in Python
  • Biologically-inspired neuron simulator and neural net evolver
  • Personal finance and portfolio management platform


University of Waterloo - Bachelor of Software Engineering - 2010-2015

  • With Distinction, Dean's Honours List, 3.96 overall GPA (cumulative 93.15%)
  • Advanced Algorithms, AI, Compilers, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Networks