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Google Domains - Registry integration and new TLDs

I integrated Google Domains with the CentralNic registry, adding the .SITE TLD to our inventory and enabling the addition of .STORE, .TECH, .DESIGN, and others. I also contributed to the launch of the Google TLDs .APP and .DEV.

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  • eGoogle Domains users can buy .SITE, .APP, and .DEV domains.
  • Automatic TLS certificate generation and serving for web forwards and Google My Business Websites.
  • DEV early access sunrise period for early registrations at premium prices.
  • Automatic DNSSEC for .APP and .DEV.
  • Registry promotional codes for free .APP domains for Google IO attendees.
  • New SMB program with Google My Business and CentralNic - offers a free .SITE domain name with setup of GMB website to verified merchants.


  • Integration with CentralNic's EPP and FTP servers, including several workarounds for registry-specific behavior found in documentation and in prototyping. Contributed to registry promo code API usage and early access billing.
  • TLS certificates are crucial for .APP, .DEV because they are HSTS preloaded, meaning browsers won't connect to these domains insecurely. I completed this functionality for the TLD launches, where other registrars had broken web forwarding for these TLDs until long after launch.
  • Built and maintained functionality to register and renew free .SITE domains for GMB users, and to migrate them to paying customers.
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