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Cloud Kitchens - Cloud Retail and Inventory Platform

Cloud Retail


  • Physical inventory management and pick and pack order fulfillment app
  • 3P fulfillment platform - customer portal for creating restocking shipments and viewing sales
  • Catalog and stockout synchronization across many online food and retail ordering apps and websites


  • Tech Lead for inventory management and retail platform
  • Lead software sprints and project planning for team of 8 engineers
  • Software Architect for distributed event-driven inventory management platform and apps
  • Built automated order stock depletion and menu stockout synchronization across sales channels
  • Built configurable rules-based system for stockout behavior for customer skus and locations
  • Completed initial product requirements, wireframing, and implementation with other engineers for warehouse inventory management app
  • Integrated with internal software teams (order and menu management, space allocation, business manager) and external APIs (food and retail sales channels, and inventory management)
  • Launched and scaled retail products internationally
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